How to Choose Your Credit Card Best suited For You

There is a plethora of different credit cards being offered by the market today, and with such a large number of options it is difficult to decide which one is the best for you. If you are someone who travels a lot either for work or just for fun, or perhaps you have a balance on your card from your usual purchases, it can pay to consider looking at the wide range of cards available. However, if you are like most people, and enjoy using your card just for the spur of the moment, or perhaps find that your regular card is a little more of a plain old boring account, then you need to consider looking at other types of credit cards that offer a real value, and of course, one that will suit your needs and lifestyle the best.

For example, if you are someone who travels quite often and purchases flights, which is a popular activity, or maybe you own a business and also conduct some than usual purchases, choosing the right card for such circumstances can be vital. There are a number of cards designed for shoppers with this specific need, but if you do a bit of research there also a number of cards that offer great rewards and incentives. Some even offer 0% balance transfer offers to make purchasing more attractive, and as an added bonus to the card, get free items or cash back when using your card.

These cards however, are generally aimed at those with a fair-sized balance, and perhaps just a fair few small purchases over a period of time, and whilst the rates are not the best, at least you are not paying for a year or more interest-free anyway. Some cards also offer a standard rate of around 5.9%, which is very good value for your money, but do bear in mind that the card is subject to credit approval, as any credit card will be.

If you don’t travel a great deal, or your purchases are less than frequent, there may be other cards for you. The ‘holder happier’ range of credit cards are perfect for those who spend far less in a month than the average shopper, and with excellent balance transfer rates, meaning you don’t need to be paying any interest. The ‘life of balance’ cards are also ideal cards for anyone looking to benefit from a long interest free period on their card, although with the rate usually slightly lower than other cards, will defiantly keep more funds in your pocket for longer.

If you aren’t a frequent fliers, or do not like the idea of a regular ‘holder happy’ card, there is also a whole range of Rewards based Credit Cards which can be of great interest to you. These are great cards for someone with an average to fair credit rating, as the cards level out their capabilities, and the bonuses provided from their card. However, the accessibility to these cards is less than that of ‘Life of balance’ type cards, although the rates are almost certainly lower than those charged for purchases.

If you are searching for a rewards based card, we strongly recommend you base your search on 0% Interest cards, and those that offer a wide range of uncomplicated reward schemes. As will Air Miles cards or similar, in this case, and that will certainly net you the most rewards for your use, as long as you pay no interest on your repayments, and stay within the card limits.

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